Family Coaching all about working on and improving your family relationships. all about increasing and strenghtening your parenting skills.
Ideal for parents with children aged 0-17 and who:
  • struggle with certain behaviour problems of their children or teenagers

  • are tired of kids/ teenagers who don’t listen and are being oppositional

  • would like to set boundaries and limits without having to yell

  • are lacking in confidence in parenting their children/ teenagers

  • feel like their parenting approach is just not working


My support to you is guided by the Triple P model. Triple P stands for Positive Parenting Programme and is an internationally acclaimed parenting programme.


From the Triple P series there are also sessions around Partner Support and Coping Skills available.

After the initial consultation (free of charge) I provide you with a plan (amount and content of sessions) and quote.

Once we agree to work together:

  • I will give you all relevant information about the Triple P programme, assessments, goal setting, resources

  • sessions are held in your own home (no need for a babysitter or to take time off work, both parents can attend) or at an office in Hamilton

  • session duration: 75 min, one evening per week